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I help to create new products and services in a digital environment.

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Design workflow

My process of work on design projects


1. Define purpose and value

Why we create something or make changes in launched product? What problem we should solve?


2. What should we do

We discuss how design solutions can help you. What improvements can we do or how we can convert your idea into a simple user interface solution.


3. UX Wireframes

As a result of this stage we have a digital interactive prototype of your project that highlights functions and information architecture.

Look and feel

4. Look and feel

I start from defining main style, color palette, font, etc. As a result, we have ready design solution.


5. Prepare materials

Graphical assets are all icons, illustrations, graphical elements sliced in needed resolutions (retina, non-retina).


6. Style guide

I provide you with style guide in PDF document that contain all sizes, colors, styles. All information that needed for development team.


7. Consult developers

I consult developers regarding implementing design. For instance, what animation should be in one of the interface solutions, etc.


8. Support after (re-)launch

I support clients with updates and additional design work. For instance, re-design of the pages or adding new pages, graphics, etc.

Latest Case studies

Take a look at detailed stories of work on different projects

UI, UX, Web interface, Website
Interface, iOS, Mobile application, UI, UX
Android, Mobile application, UI, UX
Mobile, Mobile application, Mobile interface, UI, UX
Portfolio, UI, UX, Website
ecommerce, UI, UX, web, Web interface
Mobile interface, tablet, UI, UX, web, Web application, Web interface


I work really hard on each project and those numbers below just for understanding my experience

Worldwide experience

Personal approach for each client

Absolute great professional work

«High skilled design with perfect delivered files and data. Communication was fast and efficient. The overall quality was high above our expectations and we are happy to continue working with this company again.»
Daniel Zenz

We were not as prepared as I thought

«Max is a phenomenal talent and professional. All I can say is "WOW!" He was the perfect partner for our project. Having now completed the project, I now realize we were not as prepared as I thought we were before the start of the project. He was so dedicated and committed to the design work, that it seemed to us that all he really cared about was producing the absolute best quality he could that would satisfy our needs and expectations.»

Understanding of the problem

«I like the design and understanding of the problem, but especially I like that Max took the initiative and made a sample screen before cooperation. We needed to design a mobile application and we're looking for long-term cooperation. Most liked is the ease of handling, accessibility, flexibility, price/quality ratio and responsibilities which guys offered. As a result - we now have a long-term partner...»
Edward Isarevich

I'm specialized On Designs For

Apple watch, Mobile apps, iPad applications, Websites, Desktop applications
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